A multi stakeholder group which includes representatives from NGOs, environmental and occupational health organisations, trade unions, public health advocates and civil society groups.


The Alliance for Cancer Prevention is campaigning to reduce preventable cancer incidence by calling for recognition of environmental and occupational risk factors.


A primary prevention approach to cancer would aim to reduce and eliminate, as far as possible, human exposures to all substances or agents that are known to be, or suspected of being, implicated in the disease process ie stopping cancer before it starts.

Recent News

Cocktail of pesticides found in french children’s hair

Generations Futures have done a number of studies on pesticide usage in France and the resulting impact on those who

Ground-breaking breast cancer research wins international award

 Dr. James Brophy and Dr. Margaret Keith (picture from the Windsor Star) and Prof Andrew Watterson.

Researchers from the University of

Press Release: Alliance re-echoes call for Cancer Action Plan

For immediate release
We must face the stark realisation that our cancer plans and strategies are grossly outdated. Despite gains in

Potential Public Health risks associated with fracking.

Excellent document prepared for Falkirk local authority in reference to an ‘unconventional gas extraction’ application by Dr Morag Parnell, Mb.ChB,

Cancer Prevention: The Toxic Tour



Cancer Prevention ~ A Toxic Tour ~ London, Saturday 29th June 12-2pm
The Alliance for Cancer Prevention and

International Workers’ Memorial Day

Worldwide, hundreds of thousands die in workplace ‘accidents’, millions die of occupational diseases like cancer. Every year. Union organisation is

Leading scientists call for urgent action on EDCs

A letter signed by a group of leading scientists urges action from the the WHO/UNEP/OECD through SAICM (Startegic Approach to