Westminster Health Forum ‘Cancer Reform Strategy’

In  relation to the “Cancer Reform Strategy: assessing the impact so far and next steps” organised by the Westminster Health Forum

The Alliance for Cancer Prevention want to see acceptance of the environmental and occupational risk factors for cancer. We question how might this progress in light of the current cancer reform strategy and the absence of any vision on the primary prevention of cancer?

The newly formed Alliance is disappointed that primary prevention is not on today’s agenda. True cancer reform needs to address prevention. We would like to see the Westminster Health Forum organise a conference on primary prevention, focused on the environment and occupational risk factors for cancer.

Cancer rates are rising steadily, including among children, in the UK. Many could be prevented by making our working and living environments safer.

The Alliance is a multi stakeholder group which includes representatives from NGOs, environmental and occupational health organisation’s, trade unions, public health advocates and civil society groups, to work together on cancer prevention. The Alliance aims to challenge the existing perception of control and treatment of cancer being the best way forward and get equal recognition for primary prevention and to ensure that the cancer establishment acknowledge the environmental and occupational risk factors for preventable cancers.