State of the Art Assessment of Endocrine Disrupters

New report commissioned by DG Environment and prepared by Andreas Kortenkamp et al, presents the up to date picture on Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDC’s). The report recommends that EDC’s are given a separate regulatory class category ‘ED’ and outlines the decision criteria that should be applied to determine whether a substance is an EDC or not and how they should be regulated.

Potency should not be used as a sole decider in EDC evaluation. “The weight-of-evidence approach will have to consider potency together with other factors such as severity and specificity of effect and irreversibility. Rigid potency-based cut-off values as decisive decision criteria are not recommended”.

The report can be downloaded here: State of the Art Assessment of Endocrine Disrupters

Press Release from HEAL: Report paves way for ban on “gender bender” hormone-disrupting chemicals


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