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Diesel exhaust is a serious cancer risk in miners

Miners exposed to high levels of diesel exhaust face a dramatically increased lung cancer risk, a long delayed official US study has found. In a study of non-metal miners in the United States, federal government scientists reported that heavy exposure…

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New report on why GE workers paying price for decades of exposure to toxic chemicals

A comprehensive study of chemical exposures at GE’s Peterborough plant shows workers routinely handled more than 3,000 highly toxic substances in decades past. GE has said protective measures were appropriate for the time and that health and safety of workers…

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Diesel Fume Cancer Danger

GMB Press Release: Diesel Fume Cancer Danger Wednesday 13th June HSE MUST ACT OVER DIESEL CAUSING CANCER TO WORKERS IN CONFINED SPACES SAYS GMB CONGRESS HSE estimates that 652 deaths have resulted from occupational diesel exposure causing lung and bladder…

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