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American Public Health Association Passes Groundbreaking Resolution on Breast Cancer and Occupation

The American Public Health Association has passed a groundbreaking resolution on breast cancer and occupation calling on the U.S. Surgeon General to declare the association between known classes of chemicals including endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) and breast cancer while acknowledging…

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Cancer Prevention: The Toxic Tour

  ¬†FROM PINK TO PREVENTION: Cancer Prevention ~ A Toxic Tour ~ London, Saturday 29th June 12-2pm The Alliance for Cancer Prevention and Tipping Point Film Fund in association with The Organic Pharmacy have come together around a programme of…

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Occupational breast cancer, a much neglected gender issue

Alliance for Cancer Prevention Press release Embargo until 00.01 Friday 7th December 2012 Occupational breast cancer, a much neglected gender issue London, UK (December 7th 2012) New research has serious implications for elevated rates of breast cancer and reproductive disorders…

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