Alliance for Cancer Prevention

Category: Public health

12 Key Priority asks for the UK’s new Chemicals Strategy

The Alliance for Cancer Prevention has joined with 26 other UK public health and environmental NGOs in a letter to the UK Government outlining 12 Key Asks which are fundamental to the UK’s new Chemicals Strategy.

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EDC Free Europe: Our 8 demands for an European EDC Strategy

EU has the obligation to protect its people and the environment from all harm caused by endocrine disrupting chemicals. The EDC Free Future Campaigns has eight demands for an EU EDC strategy.

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Flawed and ineffectual Endocrine disrupting chemical criteria agreed by European Commission.

After years of delay and quibbling by the European Commission on how far it would go to protect EU citizens from Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs) , the end results suggests not far enough! Up until now EDCs, which are linked…

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